Born in Chicago, Chrystie Sherman was educated at the University of Vermont, the University of Paris, and New York University Graduate School of Film and Television.

She began her career in photography, working in the photo studio at Jim Henson & Co., and then as a set photographer for PBS, Children’s Television Workshop/Sesame Street, and WGBH/Boston. Chrystie then turned her focus to photojournalism, where she worked for the Associated Press and the New York Post covering Jewish events. In 2002, she began her Diaspora project, Home in Another Place, documenting small and disappearing Jewish communities in B/W portraiture. To date she has covered the Ukraine, Central Asia, India, Afghanistan, North Africa and Cuba.

More recently she is working on the Diarna Project, contributing photography on Jewish antiquities in North Africa. 

Chrystie Sherman’s work has been exhibited both nationally and abroad; in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Rome, Israel and the FSU. Home in Another Place is a work in progress, to be published by Steidl Press. Chrystie lives in New York City and travels extensively photographing surviving Jewish communities in the post-Holocaust world.